Illustration of a mountain with snow on the top.



Svein has worked with dogs all his life. He spent 3 winters at Svalbard trapping and dog sledding, besides working as an electrician in the coal mines. Svein moved to Skurdalen with his family 1985 to fulfill his dream of unspoiled nature, mountain life and dog sledding. He started providing sledding adventures for tourists in the winter of 1986. He has participated in several long- and middle distance races and spent 8 months in Alaska in 1998-1999 working in a kennel, training dogs for adventure and racing trips, including the Iditarod race. Svein’s son Gisle and his family lives in Tromsø and has continued his father’s love for nature and dogs. In 2007, Svein worked as a handler for Gisle when he competed in “Finnmarksløpet”, the hardest dog sledding race in Norway.